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Cold room disinfectant and mildew removal
Author:Engineer - Bigeyes date:2019-11-05 Origin:cold room projects
Cold room disinfectant and mildew removal

Cold room disinfectant and mildew removal

Mechanical mold removal method: it is the common place for cleaning and sweeping the long mold, which is usually combined with other mold removal methods. The air washing method is to install a water sprayer or a water mist atomizer at the air inlet, so that the air can wash away the spores of mold through water spray and water mist during the circulation. This method, like the current water mist wet air cooler, can reduce the effect of mold.

Physical method of removing mould: because the temperature of mould growth is generally between - 6 ℃ and 40 ℃, mould growth is unfavorable in low temperature storage, so it is difficult to reproduce. Hot alkaline water can also be used to kill mold on tools and equipment. According to the principle of great relationship between mold growth and temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, high frequency electricity, temperature control, and copper wire mesh filter are used to remove mold. Among them, UV light is a better method, which can not only kill bacteria, but also remove mold, and also has some deodorization functions. UV disinfection is generally used for the disinfection of ice hockey workshop, mold and other equipment and work clothes. It is not only easy to operate, but also cost-effective. Every 1m3, the power of space device is 1W, and the average daily exposure is 3Hg, which can disinfect the air. But this can only work on the part of direct irradiation. Generally, 0.33-3 watt ultraviolet radiation is used per cubic meter, and the effect of killing microorganisms can be achieved by irradiating the area of 2 meters for 6 hours. But the effect of ultraviolet light is affected by temperature and humidity. The closer to the normal temperature of microbial growth, the higher the humidity, the stronger the ability of sterilization and mildew removal. Ultraviolet light can promote the oxidative fermentation of fat, so pay attention to it when using. The copper wire mesh filter is installed with a net made of copper wire at the upwind port, so as to kill some mould.

Chemical mildew removal method: there are many kinds of anti mildew agents for cold storage, which are often mixed with painting materials for painting. There are many methods, such as lactic acid, carbon dioxide, ozone, copper sulfate, formaldehyde, bleaching, 2% peroxyphenol sodium salt mixed with lime water, hydroxydiphenol sodium, etc.

Disinfectant: the following disinfectants are used in cold storage: bleaching powder disinfection, lactic acid disinfection, sodium hypochlorite disinfection, formalin disinfection (storage temperature above 20 ℃)

FAQ of cold room

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