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Health management in cold food processing
Author:Engineer - Bigeyes date:2019-11-05 Origin:cold room projects
Health management in cold food processing

Health management in cold food processing

Food cold processing production must be in strict accordance with the hygiene requirements of the processed products, and the basic hygiene management is as follows:

Before the food is put into cold processing, strict quality inspection shall be carried out. For unsanitary raw materials and food with signs of corruption and deterioration, such as contaminated raw materials, expired meat, secondary fresh meat and deteriorated meat, they shall not be cold processed and put into cold processing.

When food is refrigerated, different cold processing shall be adopted strictly according to different foods, and the final temperature shall be distinguished for storage separately. If the refrigerated room is large and the quantity of frozen products is small, the cost of separate storage is large, and the mixed storage of different kinds of food with the same refrigerated temperature can also be considered, but in order to avoid the principle of cross flavor, the food with strong smell, such as garlic, cheese, fish, onion, ginger, etc All kinds of spices. The food with different storage temperature, mixed in the same space, will make other food frozen or rotten.

Check the stored food regularly. Although the cold storage door often opens, it will increase energy consumption, regular and necessary inspection can prevent many accidents (failure of refrigeration unit, snow leakage, cold leakage, wrong placement of goods). If frozen food is found to be softened, moldy, rotten, rotten and peculiar smell infected, timely check and deal with them separately to avoid infecting others Food, resulting in scrapping of the whole batch.

After all the food in the normal temperature cold storage is taken out, the cold storage shall be ventilated thoroughly. The turbid air in the cold storage shall be removed by using the fan, and the filtered fresh air shall be replaced. If conditions permit, the poison can be removed once.

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