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Deratization in cold storage
Author:Engineer - Bigeyes date:2019-11-05 Origin:cold room projects
Deratization in cold storage

Deratization in cold storage

If there are mice in the refrigerated warehouse that we have built and put into production, it will not only spoil the food, but also spread infectious bacteria. At the same time, it can directly damage the thermal insulation structure of the refrigerated warehouse, damage the buildings, cut off the wires and refrigeration pipes. Therefore, eliminating rodents is very important to protect the structure of cold storage and ensure the quality of food

The method of eliminating rodents is suitable for today's use, such as mechanical capture, toxic bait trapping, gas deratization and ultrasonic dry stirring.

When the density of rats is very high, chemical administration is the fastest and most economical method. The rodent density of the whole environment was reduced by adding medicine outside the cold storage. Installation of rodent prevention facilities and bait station outside the warehouse

Gutter net: wire mesh shall be added at the entrance and exit of the sewer connected with the cold storage. The mesh diameter shall not be greater than 1cm to prevent the rats in the sewer from going up and down the pipeline. The open ditch in the operation room of catering industry shall be covered with net or other articles, and shall not be exposed;

Rat proof door: 30-50cm high iron sheet can be nailed at the lower part of the door in an important place to prevent the rat from gnawing the door plate, or an iron door with a height of 60cm can be added to keep the rat out of the door. It is better to prevent the rat in the whole house.

Reduce the gap: repair the gap between the door and the ground, between the door and the door, between the window and the windowsill, so that the gap is not more than 0.6cm, so as to prevent the small house mouse from entering.

Hardened ground: repair the damaged and unhardened ground in time, or harden the road surface to prevent rats from stealing holes and making nests.

The items in the cold store should be placed as standard as possible, and the shelves should be used, not close to the wall, and the space between the goods and the goods should be left, so as to prevent the rats from running from east to west without leaving the ground.

The effect of using carbon dioxide gas to kill rats in cold storage is better. Because this gas is non-toxic to food, it is not necessary to move out the food in the cold storage when using it to kill rats. When the temperature in the cold storage is low, the gas will be put into the cold storage, and the door can be closed tightly to kill rats. The effect of killing rats with carbon dioxide depends on the concentration and dosage of the gas. For example, in a cubic space, 0.7kg carbon dioxide with a concentration of 25% can be used to completely kill rats in a day and night. But carbon dioxide can suffocate people and cause death. Operators need to wear oxygen respirators before entering the warehouse for inflation and inspection. After ventilation and air exchange, reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide, normal storage can be resumed.

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