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Cold Room Construction

Coldroom Installation
Cold Room Construction-Cold room manufacturer

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The surface material of modular cold rooms is stainless steel, embossed aluminum plate, color steel plate, insulation layer is internationally-used polyurethane rigid foamed (PU), thickness is 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, suitable for various industries. Easy to install, saving labor costs, material costs, and expanding or reducing the size of the cold storage as needed, and flexible construction.

Cold room equipment can be divided into water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling uses cooling towers and water condensers to dissipate heat. Air cooling uses fans to dissipate heat.


Yangtzecooling is a professional group of cold storage. Cold room factory established in 1994, now has 6 Branch factories distributed in Foshan, Fujian, Chengdu and Guangxi. We are the largest cold storage manufacturer in south China with annual output over 60000 square meter panel every branch factory. In 2013, We set up.

Yangtzecool Sectional cold storage can be designed and produced with first-class technology according to customer’s requirements, which can be maximum suitable for installation space.Adhering to the strict Cold Room quality control for 25 years.

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Yangtzecooling Goals

Customize your cold room project.

Excellent cold room panel production process

  • High quality polyurethane material foaming
    Polyurethane Materials

    High quality polyurethane material foaming

  • 20000 square meters cold room panel monthly
    Several production lines

    20000 square meters cold room panel monthly

  • Cold room design according to your needs
    Cold room design

    Cold room design according to your needs

  • Professional cold room installation
    Professional installation team

    Install a durable cold room for you