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Yangtzecooling is a professional group of cold storage. Cold room factory established in 1994, now has 4 Branch factories distributed in Foshan, Fujian, Chengdu and Guangxi. We are the largest cold storage manufacturer in south China with annual output over 60000 square meter panel every branch factory. In 2013, We set up YANGTZECOOLING ICE SYSTEM COMPANY in Foshan which in charge of export and foreign marketing and YANGTZECOOLING INDEPENDENT INVESTMENT ICE MACHINE FACTORY which annual output over 600 units of different ice machine.

Yangtzecooling cold room specializes in the production of polyurethane cold room panels, customized cold storage plates and doors of different thicknesses. We have a professional modular cold rooms installation team

Cold room manufacturer ABOUT US
Production of polyurethane cold room panels Efficient
cold room Construction Accurate
polyurethane cold room panels Durable
25 We are growing Years,production of cold room insulation panelsServing 500 frozen client in more than 50 countries
13000square Factory area
60 Production staff
20000square Monthly production of of cold room panels
50countries serving to hundreds of customers around the world, especially in coastal areas
standard high quality polyurethane raw material and stainless steel Installation serviceConstruction of cold room in more than 50 countries, providing professional guidance for customers for a long time
  • Asia:China , Malaysia , Maldives , Philippines , Sri Lanka , Pakistan , Afghanistan , Vietnam ,Oman ,Nepal...
  • Oceania:New Zealand , Australia , Fiji , Poni , Polynesia , Papua , New Guinea , Reunion...
  • Africa:South Africa ,Congo ,Kenya ,Nigeria,Madagascar ,Rwanda ,Cameroon ,Ethiopia ,Libya ,Mauritius ,Yemen...
  • Europe:Portugal ,Spain ,Senegal ,Angola ,Benin ,Ghana ,Cyprus...
  • North America:United States (Houston, Florida, Florida) Canada
  • South America:Panama, Honduras, Chile ,Peru ,Brazil...
cold room Production


Cold Room Design,Building,Maintenance
  • Cold Room Design
    2019.08.22 Cold Room Design

    Including the collection of pre-existing environmental conditions in Cold Room Design,like as External temperature, climate, voltage, frozen product...

  • Building A Cold Room
    2019.09.01 Building A Cold Room

    Sanitary and clean cold room, daily cold room operation rules,cold processing production,cold room rodent control...

  • Cold Room Maintenance
    2016.04.22 Cold Room Maintenance

    Common causes of damage to cold room buildings: unreasonable structural design, poor construction quality, improper daily management...


Yangtzecooling Goals

Customize your cold room project.

Excellent cold room panel production process

  • High quality polyurethane material foaming
    Polyurethane Materials

    High quality polyurethane material foaming

  • 20000 square meters cold room panel monthly
    Several production lines

    20000 square meters cold room panel monthly

  • Cold room design according to your needs
    Cold room design

    Cold room design according to your needs

  • Professional cold room installation
    Professional installation team

    Install a durable cold room for you