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Polyurethane panel :Polyurethane (PU) panel ( insulated panel),the sandwich board rigid polyurethane (PU) foam high pressure, both inside and outside the metal surface layer, the option of color-coated steel plate, PPGI ,embossed aluminum, stainless steel plate and galvanized steel and other materials,PU cold storage is generally modular cold storage, from polyurethane base plate using advanced eccentric rotary combination lock to ensure that the cold intensity.

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Size of the Plan of the Polyurethane (PU) panel :Specifications, to meet the different requirements of customers. Characterized as follows: thermal insulation performance, light weight, high strength, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, beautiful appearance.
Polyurethane (PU) panel thickness: 75mm ,80mm ,100mm ,120mm ,150mm ,200mm
max length 10000mm , width 300mm~900mm ; corner panel max length 3500mm ,width 450mm

polyurethane panel Insulation
Insulation effect :The board and wall of storage all made by uniform mould. Assembly and Disassembly convenient when transportation, installation time limit is short for a project, small and medium-sized refrigerator can delivery in 2-5 days, The storage body can be random combination, separation, or increased, reduced based on user’s require.

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Test Installation of the cold room :In order to guarantee the job location ,we can first tset to install the cold room in our factory .