polyurethane panel |coldroom Production process

polyurethane panel Material 1 polyurethane panel Materia 2
Material :Stainless steel plate ,Polyurethane

Stainless steel plate cutting 1 Stainless steel plate cutting 2
polyurethane panel cutting :Through sticks the protection cellophane, cuts out, processesthe specification the steel plate which prearranges

insulation panel Foam
insulation panel Foam :The steel plate which takes shape puts to the high-pressured mold inbecomes spongy

polyurethane panel Forming
Polyurethane panel Forming :Foaming finished, disassembles the mold, the cold storagethermal baffle has taken shape, again passed through simply repairsedits may carry on tries to install

coldroom Installation Test
Coldroom Installation Test :Guaranteed the cold storage arrives the work site to be able to bemore accurate, smoothly installs

polyurethane panel Packing
polyurethane panel Packing :Introduction

Coldroom Loaded Container
Loaded Container :Introduction