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Refrigeration Equipment - Aluminum Evaporator Introduction:
A consolidated statement of energy conservation by the following effect:
∗ thermal conductivity were good: Aluminum alloy with excellent thermal capacity of refrigerant evaporation temperature and the temperature difference between the surface of aluminum exclusion would be reduced, evaporation temperature increased, the compressor energy efficiency increase, decrease in power consumption.
∗ special structure: aluminum wing tube and tube sheet wing parallel to form a flake shape, forming the sheet of aluminum row parallel to the fixed-wing-tube to form a number of parallel channels, the cold air cooling system work in the channel formed within the flue effect is accelerated sinking, convection speed, so fast cooling to reach set temperature when the compressor stops running, save a lot of power.
∗ set up, efficient: aluminum row projection area and evaporation area than can be achieved one to four, so that aluminum row should be fully installed in the cold under the roof, so, the unit area of heat transfer is more efficient than the use of wall row Gauguin, energy, and it has some storage effect, compressor work to reduce the rate of frequent starts and save some power consumption.
∗ light weight, easy installation: the weight of aluminum row evaporator area ratio is about one-sixth of refrigerants with less: aluminum row using the wing-tube is threaded within the outer wing structure, and refrigerant charging amount will be greatly reduced, saving the cost of refrigerant.
Less consumption of food dry
∗ Aluminum Evaporator lifting on the library roof, the formation of direct cooling type of natural convection cooling, so that was cool dry food consumption to a minimum.

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Aluminum wing pieces and possession of a die-casting forming structure, wing, and the strength aluminum tubes with each other to be improved, tube pressure also greatly improved, the factory have been 2.5MP gas-tight testing, done 4.5MP voltage life test, the aluminum row intact. This pressure is far lower than the theoretical data.
The system clean, to extend the life of the compressor Tube through the special treatment to ensure that the internal clean aluminum row. Use of anti-corrosion ability of the aluminum alloy, the surface through a special process treatment, long service life at the same time meet food hygiene standards.