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1. Liquid supply line 2. Cabinet 3. evaporating plate 4. Bottom frame 5.Suction line 6.Electrical control 7.Hydraulic station 8.Cylinder
Refrigeration Equipment - Plate Freezer Introduction:
The device is widely used in fish processing plants, offshore fishing and many other occasions, can be used to block the rapid freezing of small packaged food, such as fish, shrimp, shellfish, meat, vegetables and so on. 304 stainless steel shell insulation, PU foam insulation, thermal conductivity is 0.02W, stainless steel hinges, low-temperature sealant, aluminum plate, high-tech automatic welding process, it is ensure strong stable welding quality, no leakage. Flat machine insulation density 42.391KG / cubic,degree of compression performance-shaped 10% compression stress 249.304KPA, Water absorption of 3.7 (V / V) (%) and imensional Stability (-25C) (48H) (%) +0.28.
1、 Suit of area:25.2m2
2、 Freezer Capability: 1500kg per time(15kg/basin,fish basin size: 400×600×80)
3、 Plate quantity: 11
4、 The distance of minute floor: 55mm
5、 The distance of max floor:108mm
6、 Consumption cooling capability: 45kw(evaporate temperature -35℃,condening temperature +35℃)
7、 Temperature for goods of enter : +20℃
8、 Temperature for goods for exit:-18℃
9、 For liquid pipe: φ38
10、Back to the trachea pipe: φ76
11、 Hydraulic Station:
⑴ Pump motor power:1.5Kw    380V    50Hz
⑵ Pump for adjuest fixed the pressure:5MPa
⑶ Pump flow:10L/min
⑷ Hydraulic oil:46number hydraulic machine oil 68kg
12、Install power:1.5kw
13、Outside size:L:3460mm ,W:1900mm, H:2935mm
15、Plate size per piece:2020×1252(mm)
A. It is 12 floor of technical drawing,but Ammonia gas' plate freezer is 11 floor.
B. It is bring Hydraulic Lifting system.

Main technical parameters:
Freezing time : 4~6 hr
Infeed temperature : +15℃
Outfeed temperature: -18℃
Liquid supply line: φ42x3
Suction line: φ89x4.5
Refrigerating capacity (+33℃/-35℃) : 47300 Kcal/h
Refrigerant : R717
Installed capacity : 1.5 Kw
Cylinder working pressure: 6.5Mpa
Oil pump flow rate:10 l/min
Oil tank capacity: 65 L
Motor capacity: 1.5kW, 380V,50Hz
Hydraulic oil: 46# hydraulic mechnical oil
Dimension mm(L×W×H): 3460×1884×2935

Plate Freezer s4Plate Freezer s5Plate Freezer s6
Note:1.Evaporating plate:Efficient laying area: 65M2,Distance between the two layers: 40-85 mm;
2.Cabinet:Thickness: 150mm, Coated byδ=0.8stainless steel, and foamed by PU. Stainless steel door accessories.