Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration Equipment EvaporatorEvaporator
Evaporator :Under normal circumstances, cold storage the most suitable use of forced convection air cooling evaporator, such evaporator equipped with a fan blowing, forcing air to 1 ~ 3M / S flow rate passing the evaporator surface, to enhance the air disturbance, in order to enhance evaporator heat transfer coefficient. evaporator for the evaporation of the surface of both sets of pipes have fins to increase heat transfer area. forced convection heat transfer performance as well, cooling speed, compact structure, small footprint, consumables a small amount, so widely used.

Refrigeration Equipment EXV
EXV :Is composed of the main components of cold storage refrigeration system, installed in the evaporator entrance, is a cold storage refrigeration system high pressure and low pressure cut-off point.

Refrigeration Equipment Electrical Box
Electrical Box

Refrigeration Equipment  Cooling tower
Cooling tower