electrical automatism door

electrical automatism door 1 ELECTRICAL AUTOMATISM Introduction:
Electricity control device: including control box, gear wheel, electromagnetism clutch, push-button switch box, the draw a rope in switch,control switch.
Safety performance: electric doors are fitted with safety sensors, anything lay a finger on the door side when the door closed,the door panel to immediately stop and prompt bounce back to the open position.
Door hole size: max size: 4000mmx5000mm.
Condition temperature suitable : -70ºC to 100ºC
Door panel thickness: 80mm 100mm 120mm 150mm
Antifreezing heating wires: the low and medium temperature's storage for choose match.
Safely lock: No need any tool that It can be turn on the lock manually in the inner of the storage
The open door control: standard configured to push-button,draw a rope,control.
Safely device: it fitted with satety sensors of door side.
Door panel marerial of surface: stainless steel, PPGI or aluminium.
Core material: Polyurethane(PU)
Hermetic material : airtight and wear-resisting of Rubber Sealing Bar
Door panel's QTY: it can be choose single or double
Power: 220V/50Hz or 24V/50hZ.
(for heating wires) : 3X380/50Hz (for Electrical Motor).