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Refrigerator TruckFactory refrigerated and insulated compartment Standard fiberglass insulation booths :
YangtzecoolInsulation refrigerated truckUsing double-sided fiberglass fabric for enhanced fiberboard, and insulating layer is used now or XPS novel PU material.

Refrigerator TruckFactory refrigerated and insulated compartment General Insulation Van converted into car :
YangtzecoolInsulation refrigerated truckMainly roof, floor, the refrigerator door to the site additionally

Insulation compartmentsRefrigerator Car | insulation compartments | Hailing refrigerated and insulated compartment plant保温车厢Insulation compartments Insulation compartment fabric :
Insulation refrigerated truck
1. Aluminum fabrics (bright and clean bright, light weight; Suitable for all kinds of industries transportation needs)
2. Fiberglass fabric (bright bright and clean, anti-corrosion and durability, and easy to clean and suitable for ibid.)
3. Cai plate fabrics (bright and clean, low price; Light ice cream category suitable for the carriage of goods)
4. stainless steel plate fabrics (bright and clean bright, waterproof anti-corrosion, firmly; agricultural aquatic)
5. plastic sheeting fabrics (solid, anti-corrosion; aquatic Chemical Transport)

冷藏车冷藏车海菱冷藏保温车厢厂 Selection of the compartment floor insulation :
Yangtzecool Insulation refrigerated trucks 1. Stainless steel (waterproof the best choice for anti-corrosion)
2. Patterns of aluminum (traditional cars often use)
3. Laminated wood (very solid, heavy goods transport of choice)
4. glass plate (clean, easy to clean, but also often use traditional insulation compartments)

Crown Cold Storage Plant

Combined with the production of polyurethane insulation board Cold Storage mainly of professional producers

Yangtzecool Insulation refrigerated truck

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