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refrigerator truck

Insulation compartmentsrefrigerator truck1
Standard refrigerated trucks (FRP): :
YangtzecoolRefrigerator TruckThe standard insulation on the basis of the installation of vehicle refrigeration unit, the temperature in the car within a certain range can be adjusted with use needs.

Insulation compartmentsrefrigerator truck2
General Insulation Van converted into car :
YangtzecoolInsulation refrigerated truckMainly roof, floor, the refrigerator door to the site additionally

Insulation compartmentsrefrigerator truck3
Vehicle frozen unit :Acting my company has several well-known brands at home and abroad vehicle cooler, such as the United States cold Wang, the Chinese K licensing, and so on, but also by advanced production technology and import spare parts, assembled a good quality and price Popularization, suitable for the Chinese market cooler, can give customers a choice.

Crown Cold Storage Plant

Combined with the production of polyurethane insulation board Cold Storage mainly of professional producers

Yangtzecool Insulation refrigerated truck

With product quality and reliable, affordable, delivery accuracy, good after-sale service, welcomed by customers

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